Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ring that Bell!

Last night at the New England Publicity Club's Annual Bell Ringer awards, Topaz took home a trophy for our work with The Scuderi Group. Topaz was recognized in the category: Product/Service Publicity: Business-to-Business Campaign (The full list of winners is here).

From left: Bill Wrinn, Scuderi Group; Tim Allik, Christina Carlson and Susan Koutalakis all of Topaz Partners (Photo credit: Doug Haslam)

According to the Pub Club's Website, "Since 1969, the Publicity Club of New England's Bell Ringer Awards have been a symbol of outstanding achievement for New England public relations and communications professionals. The Bell Ringer Awards recognize excellence in communications and public relations work in every field and industry, and across all media - print, broadcast, and online."

Congratulations to the Scuderi Team and all the winners of the 2008 Bell Ringer Awards!

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